The company’s in-house restaurant is presently an important issue of human resources management. Providing a quality and varied meal is essential for the motivation and health of collaborators.

SECTOR MAIS offers customised service. For this, it analyses beforehand the background of each customer so as to come up with the best solution for each case.

SECTOR MAIS also can provide the following:

  • Full cafeteria service;
  • Catering services for events, mainly coffee breaks, work luncheons, support service for management room or any other type of corporate event;
  • Support in the setup of vending machines providing coffee and other hot beverages, cold drinks and various snacks.

SECTOR MAIS does much more than “only serving meals”: it helps in the design and the carrying out of installation projects in kitchens and dining halls; it performs satisfaction and consumption surveys, it offers a nutrition advisory office and effects several animation and sensitivity activities.

Some of SECTOR MAIS's customers in this segment are: Tranquilidade, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Fundação Aga Khan, Altice, Grupo Impresa.