SECTOR MAIS was established in 1997 and presently is backed by a team with over 20 years experience in the various segments of the Catering Industry.

In 2008 the Just Bright Solutions Company acquired SECTOR MAIS, featuring it as a venture worthy of distinguishing itself within the Catering Industry, and providing updated nutrition solutions.

SECTOR MAIS is set apart within the catering market by providing a professional service which is personalised and tailor-made for each Customer.


High quality healthy food, in a stimulating affective atmosphere.


Selected decoration, customer-friendly, creating modern and cosy spaces.


Flexible solutions, carried out to serve the needs of the customer.

The customer is SECTOR MAIS’ reason for being, and its satisfaction and patronage are the Company’s points of honour.

In SECTOR MAIS’ view, the relationship with the customer is a partnership where both parties are in a win-win situation. The contract is only the starting point; the partnership is ongoing throughout the term of the concession.